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CCMST Weekly News, Novenber 4 2011

November 4, 2011 7:48 pm EDT

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2. Statistics
3. Tip of the Week



Physical Chemistry Seminar

November 15, 2011 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
MoSE 3201A



Uptime: 139 days
/home directory usage: 51% (5.5 TB available)
/backups directory usage: 92%

Utilization for period from: 10/04/2011 to: 11/03/2011

Note: Full statistics for ggate are available online at: (the link works only for the Gatech Chemistry network)


Uptime: 103 days
/home directory usage: 80% (1.2 TB available)
/backups directory usage: 89%

LSF usage for Week 43 (10/24-10/30) (times are in minutes)
GroupJobsTotal CPUAvg CPUAvg WaitAvg Trnr.
Bredas 67 138036 7% 2060 532 2053
Sherrill 29293 174043 9% 6 73 139
Other 1 10572 1% 10572 0 10582
Total 29361 322658 17% 11 75 144

Note: percentages refer to the total CPU time available for the period.

Most productive user of the Week: parker 125233.


By Massimo

Removing Empty Lines in Vim

Here are some quick command for removing empty lines on a file.

To delete all empty lines, one can use either one of these two commands


To delete lines that contains only white space characters (space,tabs) use either of


To condense multiple consecutive blank lines into a single one:


The first command deletes all trailing white space, the second one replaces three (or more) consecutive line endings with two consecutive line endings (a single empty line).

Do you have usage tips that you want to share with the other CCMST users? Please send them to Massimo ( for inclusion in the Tip of the Week section.